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How to wipe magnetic whiteboard cleaner?


People often encounter this kind of damage. The newly purchased magnetic whiteboard is messy and dirty after half a year. This in the end is why? Today MAG DRAW will explain to you how to maintain and use the whiteboard! How can Magnetic Whiteboards be used for a long time?
First let's take a look at the whiteboard pen. Many people refer to the thick hose and the big pen as the whiteboard pen, but this is actually wrong. In fact, in a strict sense, one kind of pen refers exclusively to the marker! This marker uses oil-based ink and is generally used for marking purposes! This kind of pen is hard to erase, no matter it is written on the whiteboard or other objects. Many friends actually use the wrong pen, so the whiteboard is damaged prematurely.
In addition to markers, we often use watercolor pens. Although a watercolor pen can also write on a whiteboard, it is generally wiped with a damp cloth and is relatively easy to remain. Often use a watercolor pen, and the whiteboard is easy to be dirty!
The whiteboard pen generally uses alcohol as a solvent, and generally has an alcohol flavor. After the ink is solidified, a layer of mucous film is formed on the surface. After wiping, it becomes strip or block particles without any stains. The MAG DRAW liquid environmental whiteboard pen which is quietly popular on the market is also very effective on whiteboards, compared with traditional whiteboards. The pen is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recycled, and maintains the whiteboard.
The use of the whiteboard should pay attention to the whiteboard pen, but what about the dirty whiteboard? do not be afraid! Because whiteboard pens or markers generally use alcohol solvents, this ink can dissolve alcohol! Go to a labor insurance store and spend five yuan to buy a bottle of alcohol and rub it, and it will be as bright as new! However, it should be noted that this method is not commonly used, because the general whiteboard surface is painted, and penetrating and contacting with alcohol will also cause damage, and it will become more and more rough in the future! I would like to recommend MAG DRAW whiteboard cleaning care solution, after cleaning this care solution will form a wax on the whiteboard surface, to achieve a maintenance effect to prevent further damage!
Is there a whiteboard that is not afraid of alcohol?
The answer is yes, the new MAG DRAW soft whiteboard, a new whiteboard consisting of a soft iron substrate + high polymer PET whiteboard film, is completely different from a frame whiteboard. In addition to being completely afraid of alcohol, it can also be rolled up. It is very convenient to carry, and can be adjusted to cut. The surface erase effect is even better. It will not condense if you write it for 60 days without erasing! The disadvantage that the whiteboard is easily dirty is almost completely eliminated!
Well, here is the introduction of magnetic whiteboard maintenance and whiteboard pen. If you don't know how to maintain magnetic whiteboard, you can consult MAG DRAW related technicians online.

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