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What is the knowledge of whiteboard?


In modern office life, there is a white board in the conference room of almost every company. This is what we often say. Don't underestimate this little whiteboard, it may be the birthplace of brainstorming, or it may be the record of a major decision.

A whiteboard usually refers to a writing plane made of white sheet metal material. The role of the whiteboard is similar to that of a blackboard. It is a writing tool that can be repeatedly erased. Usually used for teaching, meeting discussions, or personal and family notes. Whiteboards come in many different styles according to different categories, such as single-sided whiteboards, double-sided whiteboards, imported whiteboards, domestic whiteboards, hanging wall hangings, and mobile racking. Faced with a variety of whiteboards, it often becomes a problem that plagues people. So how to choose a whiteboard is the most suitable?

1. If it is used by a company or an enterprise, a high-quality whiteboard is a good choice, because the company and the unit generally use more, the whiteboard of the high-quality board is also more wear-resistant, the number of years used is relatively long, and the time is not long. The board surface is not smooth and not rubbed. Then as for its style and specifications, it depends on the company's needs. The whiteboard that the company purchases can use the magnetic whiteboard or the non-magnetic one.

2, if it is a school, it is more appropriate to buy a high-quality one, and then use magnetic, so that the teacher is more convenient to teach, for some computer rooms without a podium, you need this mobile whiteboard with magnetic frame, if there is special If you need it, you can choose to rotate the flip, with a mobile, magnetic high-quality whiteboard, which will be the best use of the school whiteboard.

3. If it is used by the family, it is usually used to record some things or teach children to learn at home. In this case, it is recommended that ordinary whiteboards, because the family may not use too much, and they will use good maintenance, choose domestically produced The price is affordable. For general use, you may choose to hang the whiteboard, the specifications are smaller, so hanging on the wall at home will not take up too much space. This kind of whiteboard is also divided into single-sided whiteboard, double-sided whiteboard, with magnetic and non-magnetic, this depends on personal needs, if it is generally used, it is recommended to buy one kind of single-sided magnetic, so that it will be used after hanging up More convenient.

The use of whiteboards is relatively simple, but different usage habits determine the life of the whiteboard. The New Magnetics company is here to remind you of the most important point: to protect the surface of the whiteboard, because the life of the whiteboard depends entirely on the surface of the whiteboard. The degree of protection is only protected by the board of the whiteboard, and it will be able to witness the change together with you for a long time. At the same time, we recommend to get a new whiteboard surface when the surface of the whiteboard is damaged. Depending on the size and characteristics of your whiteboard, just paste our products to cover whiteboard, keeping magnetism.

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Whiteboard drawing effect of a whiteboard panel wall:


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