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What should I do if the whiteboard pen is dry


In our daily work and study, especially in office and teaching, we often see the use of whiteboard pens. The writing of a smooth whiteboard pen can play a very large role in teaching and office assistance. However, in the process of using it, There is a case where the whiteboard pen cannot be used normally or even dried up. So, what should I do if the whiteboard pen is dry in my daily work? Let's take a look at it below.

First, know the whiteboard pen

When many people face the problem of how to do the whiteboard pen , it is possible to take the practice of throwing away a new one directly. In fact, this kind of practice is to waste some resources. The best way is to have a certain understanding and understanding of the whiteboard pen, so that this problem can be solved in a timely and effective manner.

As a tool that can be written on a whiteboard, the whiteboard pen and the chalk used in the blackboard have a very similar effect. The whiteboard pen uses ink as its ink, which can be smoothly written on a smooth whiteboard. The written writing can be wiped with a whiteboard eraser, and no stains or marks are left on the whiteboard and the whiteboard. In practical applications, if you don't have a brush, you can use your fingers to wipe it. The effect is also very good.

Second, the formula of the whiteboard pen

The ink of the whiteboard pen is generally composed of components such as ethylene glycol, ethanol and carbon black, and these substances have a very close relationship with the writing of the whiteboard pen. Ethyl propanol and ethanol are all substances that are prone to volatilization of alcohols. The volatilization of these substances will directly affect the writing of the whiteboard pen. If the volatiles of the alcoholic substances are exhausted, the whiteboard pen will be difficult to write. This is the main reason why the whiteboard pen can't be used when it is dry. If the composition of the carbon black substance is too small, the written handwriting will be lighter and will not be clear. If the carbon black material is too much, it will leave a certain trace on the whiteboard, which will affect the effect of reuse.

Third, the solution

Generally speaking, as long as you add the appropriate whiteboard pen ink to the dry whiteboard pen, or add some alcohol such as ethanol, you can solve the problem that the whiteboard pen can't be used.

Through the answer to the above questions, I believe that when the whiteboard pen is dry again in daily use, it will be able to solve it.

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